Encounter is led by Hayley Britton and energy abounds throughout a packed schedule of fun, food, fresh air and laughs. The children absolutely love Encounter socials which generally run on Saturday afternoons. Significant friendships are formed outside the constraints of school and confidence blossoms before our eyes. Any friends from school or clubs are welcome to come along to the Encounter socials.



On Sundays Encounter are given their own room and hand-picked leaders to help them grow up in their faith. Biblical teaching is presented in a way that can be understood at their level, and the young people are encouraged to discuss their opinions and pray together. There are games too of course and plenty of things to keep the children engaged and positive so that they have an excellent view of church life which builds a firm foundation for their next steps into the teenage years.

Our Encounter children benefit greatly from friendships with older role-models in the church – not just mums and dads but teenagers, young adults and beyond. They are a very well-loved bunch of people as they are always up for fun. They join in wholeheartedly and are not afraid to tell us adults where we’re going wrong sometimes! Encounter is as much a part of the Jubilee family as the preachers or Jubilee Communities for adults and we love them to bits.

For more information about Sunday mornings or Saturday socials email Hayley at encounter@jubilee-church.co.uk.